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The Rhode Island NESRDC Convention will be offering Hearing Enhancement.  You may use your ADA compatible receivers whether they are Williams, Landmark or Listen devices.  We will post the used frequencies at each of the halls.  The hearing enhancement will be in the  mainstream, plus, advanced, and round dance halls. We are offering receivers to our dancers.  (12 units will be available). A deposit o$25.00 will hold the receiver for the entire convention.   Our sound committee will have these units available.  All you need  to do is let someone at the registration desk know that you would like to have a hearing enhancement receiver.  We will meet you and have you sign a receipt and we will give you your unit to use. We will give you easy to follow instructions for you to understand the device.  We will return your check or cash for the return of the receiver at the end of the convention on Saturday night or Sunday. 

Hearing assist devices deliver volume adjustable sound directly from the caller/cuer’s voice through an earphone that does not interfere with your hearing the music or your partner when they are talking. This eliminates even the echoes from the hall which make it difficult for folks to hear and understand calls and/or cues. . . You really have to try one out to see how much more you will hear. . . 

Thank you, 

The Sound Committee

Hello Dancers,


We have had a lot of inquiries about getting a schedule posted.  This is not always an easy feat as all of the callers and cuers need to be contacted and verified and insure no scheduling conflicts exist.  With this being said, we have come up with a schedule for callers/cuers and programs that we would like to share with you now.  This year, we have added 2 DBD slots as well as Black light, Hex squares, Fast tracks, and several Introduction to  higher level dancing. There is dancing for EVERYONE.   There will be one HALL change to note.  This will happen on SATURDAY night after the Celebrity hour.  The Grand Ballroom which will have been the PLUS hall  previously, will host the LIVE BAND for your MIANSTREAM dancing pleasure ( with rounds).  The PLUS Hall will be moved to the previous Mainstream Hall located in the Plaza Ballroom.  It is sure to be a GREAT time at your Rhode Island 59th NESRDC.   See you in a square.


Steve & Steff Dionne

General Chairman, 59th NESRDC

The Schedule is posted below as a PDF, remember the schedule is always subject to change.



Live Music will be back. This year it will be in the large hall to accommodate more of our Dancers.



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Dance Schedule3/25/2017334.25 KBDownload