Welcome to the New England Square and Round Dance Convention!

Join us in Concord, NH April 24 to 26, 2015 at the Grappone Center and dance the days away enjoying the 57th New England Square and Round Dance Convention.


As you can see, the dance schedule has been posted and dancer packets were mailed, so we are getting closer to have another enjoyable weekend at a New England Convention.  We would like it brought to everyone's attention that we did change up the Mainstream and Plus Halls on Saturday Night, if it says Plus in red after the callers name, than you will be dancing the Plus level in the Mainstream Hall, so please be aware of that.

Also on Friday morning for your dancing pleasure we will have different callers come in to a dance hall and there will be just friendly dancing to get the morning started - it will start at 10:00 AM and go until the halls open at 1:00 pm.  This will let those that stayed over from the Trail In Dance have a bit more time to dance. Watch for Saturday as well, the A-1 hall is empty we might put callers in there to give the dancers a challenge to wreck'n with, lol.  Stay tune more to come but if you really want to know what is going on, please join us for the full weekend and have a ball.  

What to bring to work with the hearing assist?  A simple walkman with ear buds or some form of ear gear that you are comfortable with.  The Convention Hearing Assist equipment does NOT work with any private headsets or hearing assist equipment that you have of your own.  If you do not have or wish to buy a walkman, there will be a limited amount of walkman and other type of receivers that can be rented - remember a limited amount, so if you wish to be able to hear to dance, either purchase or bring a walkman and headset.  There will be no hooking up your own system to the convention equipment whatsoever, so come and enjoy your dancing in a Brand New Scene.

We have baskets again this year, so get your tickets at the basket table, some are very good to take a chance on, and the others are even better, lol.  Enjoy what you see, all in good taste of course.

 We realize that a lot of dancers will be commuting so may we suggest that you registered for the complete weekend as a dancer for $39, instead of paying the $22 per day, and let us know the levels you will enjoy dancing to so we will make sure the room size match the registrations.  Thank you and looking forward to a great convention as always.  

This is also the time to get your new dancers interested in attending their first ever convention so they too can start with the meeting of new friends and having the fun that is always at a New England Convention.








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